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NEGATIVE GRAVITY TEAM Ancotech 3/2.5 Titanium Titanium alloy 3/2.5 and new racing geometry with integrated disc brake support. Its antioxidising surface treatment increases its durability and its weather-resistance. Wide range of sizes and 2 different types of assembling.
REVENGE TEAM EASTON Ultralite7005 Aluminium Aluminium frame 7005 T6 Easton Ultralite, extra light and quick, provided with integrated disc brake support. Everything in this model has been planned and assembled for racing at its highest level. Also available as fork and frame set.
REVENGE PRO AL EASTON Ultralite7005 Aluminium Same racing frame as the revenge team, but different components suited for a wider variety of applications. Lightweight is its strength and it has extra reliable racing components.
REVENGE AL 7005 D.B Aluminium Alcoa Billet Alcoa 7005 Aluminium double-butted frame equipped with integrated disc brake support and CNC-worked bottom bracket. The oversized and ovalized tubes make it extremely light and durable. This bike is suited for experienced racers who wish to enhance their own performance.
REVENGE RC CrMo 4130 Double Butted A Chrome Molybdenum Steel frame for those who appreciate the flexibility and comfort which makes this bike suitable for long distance trails. Typical racing geometry and shaped rear seat stays to improve lateral stiffness. High quality components and 6 different frame sizes.
HURRICANE 7005 D.B Aluminium Alcoa Billet Equipped with extra light Alcoa 7005 Aluminium double-butted frame - also available with rigid fork.
ADVENTURE CrMo 4130 Double Butted 2 models (Adventure and Tierra del Fuego) devoted to adventure. Both models are equipped with steel frame and Shimano Group as well as raised bar for a less racing position.
DUEL 7005 D.B Aluminium Aluminium frame 7005 with oversized tubes and racing geometry for this high quality entry level. It is equipped with the brand new Shimano Deore 9 speed group and LX rear derailleur. Also available with rigid fork.
NITRO 7005 Aluminium Lightweight Aluminium frame with prestigious Shimano components. Ideally suited for those who want to feel the pleasure of riding on a reliable and well balanced bicycle - also available with rigid fork.
FRANK Steel Steel frame - available in 5 sizes.
REBEL Steel Steel frame - available in 5 sizes and 2 different colours.