This season API has introduced to the UK the American Casual Cycling clothing company. San Francisco based Zoic have a complete range of fabrics that make you comfortable on your bike, for both men and women. Each garment has a lifetime stich warranty.

GIRLS - Check out this range of clothing, microsuede shorts and flattering fits - that actually fit! Just click on the logo!

The name is synonymous with cycling, to check out what range API have this season, click on the logo.









Maxchill - the ultimate cooler for your water bottle just soak the Maxchill neoprene coating in water before you ride and it can cool your drink up to 30 degrees below air temperature.

  • Large 24oz bottle
  • Re-Wet anywhere to recharge the cooling power
  • Fits standard bottle cage
  • Cools drink up to 30 degrees below air temperature
  • Only £9.99

For more information about Maxchill or to purchase your Maxchill bottle cooler contact API on 01245 360009/0778 8660561